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Step into God’s Dream For Your Life!

Freedom School of Ministry is your opportunity to take a next step into God’s Dream for your life. We believe there is a calling on your life. We can help you discover it.

Learn more about our Southeastern University extension site program on the SEU website.

Interested in applying? Have questions? Let us know if you’re interested by emailing our team.

Our vision is to
grow BIG people!

Pastor Wade Haskins


It has always been our passion to not just grow big things but to help grow BIG people! Freedom School of Ministry exists to help train Kingdom-minded leaders to know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference

Our vision is to create a world-class ministry training school that champions the mission of Freedom Church while sending Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered leaders into every sector of society.

We are excited to partner with God’s call on your life to love God, love people, pursue excellence, and choose Joy as you take your pivotal next steps.

Faith-based academics. Experiential learning. Christ-centered community.

Student Experience

Your experience will include… 

  • Spiritual Formation & Pastoral Covering
  • Hands-on Ministry Training
  • Accredited Classes Towards Your Desired Degree
  • Overseas Missions Opportunities
  • Communication & Public Speaking Masterclass
  • 1:1 Life Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Community Groups with Your Peers
  • Options for Part-time and Full-time Credit Loads


Choice of 3 Practicum Tracks

Practicum is a hands-on experience for all students complete each semester through Freedom Church. Students will participate in a variety of opportunities to serve, lead, and fellowship during their practicum experience. Each Semester, students will complete a Ministry Project which will tie-in what they are learning in the classroom and allow them to expand their knowledge and understanding.

  1. Pastoral
  2. Creative Arts
  3. Next Generation Ministry

Thinking about a gap year?


Perfectly suited for someone taking a gap year in their formal education, the certificate program is designed for those who might be interested in immersive ministry experience without the formal education from a University. Students will experience ministry event planning, staff meetings, Sunday gatherings, groups, exclusive classes, and more.

Discover the Certificate Program

Leadership Development

Live classes, groups, retreats and trainings will be held on site at Freedom Church’s Bel Air Campus.

Your step-by-step process

1. Let our Admissions Advisor know if you’re interested in applying by emailing our team. We will let you know all of your specific next steps!

2. Fill out the FSM Application.

3. Our enrollment team will reach out within 3 business days to schedule your interview.

4. Meet with Pastor Josh Finley!

After you meet with Pastor Josh, you’ll receive information on your next steps, which includes filling out an application with Southeastern University and scheduling classes. Students that plan to seek

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), should begin that process immediately here.